The exhibition - Project Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of the Stage Designer Josef Svoboda

News || 2020 will mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Josef Svoboda (1920 – 2002), one of the most famous people of the twentieth-century theatre. The hundredth anniversary invites us to remember the work of this significant person and contemplate his legacy.

The proposed project consists of two parts, a multimedia exposition and an educational programme including a challenge exhibition.

The objective of the project is to revive Svoboda’s art work in its richness, in a way which is in accordance with his principles, i. e. modernity, topicality, invention and use of first rate technology.
The project is based on the work with stage design, a field of art which occurs in time and space and thus, in its essence, defies mere static captivity in designs or photography.

Apart from the outcomes of Svoboda’s work we intend to show the processes of his thinking and creation; to point out his inspiration and influences; and to unveil the secrets of his production.

The aspirations of the project require a team comprised of professionals with long-term experience with theatre stage. Christine Richier, Jakub Hejna, Barbora Příhodová, Šimon Caban, Helena Albertová…and others constitute the main working group.