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Current Activites

Digitization of the Josef Svoboda Archive

Josef Svoboda created more than 700 theatrical and opera productions and kept a detailed archive of his work for many years. He documented the productions he worked on in high-quality photographs on slides, and collected technical documents (ground plans, technical specifications, models) and other materials (scripts, notes, reviews etc.).

After Svoboda's death, his archive remained at his home and his family have continually encountered lively interest in the scenographer's life and work. Students, teachers, stage designers and members of the general public are increasingly asking for more detailed information about Svoboda. Requests are coming in both from the Czech Republic and from the local theatrical community. The project of digitizing the scenographer’s extensive archive, which began in 2013, is one of the crucial steps in maintaining Svoboda’s legacy. Its aim is to provide gradual access to Svoboda’s work for study purposes – both for academics and the general public.

Other services provided by the organization:

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