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Visions for the future

Establishing an international research and study centre (bearing the name Josef Svoboda) with focus on scenography and multimedia. Its aim will be to support students of scenography and visual arts by  providing material and information on Svoboda's work, organizing workshops, exhibitions and symposiums

  • collaboration with the universities where Svoboda lectured – organizing workshops
  • organizing an international conference on Josef Svoboda's work and its overlap with the contemporary performing arts
  • production and distribution of audiovisual materials about Josef Svoboda’s work
  • preparation of an international touring exhibition with the following:

a) a selection of documents, photographs and models of Josef Svoboda’s work

b) kinetic 3D models – animation of selected models by Svoboda

c) selection of works by young artists inspired and influenced by Svoboda’s work

d) documents and testimonies made and collected during international symposia on Josef Svoboda’s work